Chip M.
Connie has given me excellent, relaxing massages. A great place. I'll be back.
Jelena Grujic
Highly recommended! My husband and I had a massage today, it was wonderful. That woman was strong! (Can’t believe I didn’t ask for her name) Exactly what I needed after my workout. She asked me if I like less or more pressure, so I chose less pressure on my lower back (because of my injury) and more pressure for the rest of the body. She was great! See you soon!
Namrata Sharma
Highly recommended for relaxing , good quality massage. Connie was awesome . Best massage that I had in so many years.
Jessica Benitez
I hadn’t got a massage in a couple of years and my body was yearning for one. I’m new to the Austin area and decided to try something close to home. I saw that this place had just opened for business so I thought, “Why not give a try?”. Geez, how I’m glad that I did! I don’t remember my masseuse’s name but she was amazing! Price is fairly reasonable too. I paid less than $100 for a 90 minute session. I will definitely be returning and I suggest you do too!
Maxx Trillion
Great atmosphere, had me feeling like a billion bucks. Highly recommend!